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Cannulated Cancellous Screw

All screws are cannulated for use over a guide wire. Each screw is partially or completely threaded using a cancellous tooth form.

Partially threaded screws can be used to delay one bone piece to another, where bone pieces are captured by the threads of the screw and pulled towards the proximate cortex piece at the head of the screw.

Fully threaded screws are used to stabilize fractures with little or no compression throughout the fracture.

Cannulated screws and handpieces also allow for minimally invasive percutaneous insertion. Cannulated Screw System is widely used in hip, pelvis, knee, ankle and foot.

The increasing cost of healthcare and accompanying payment systems leads to low cost options such as cannulated screws. In non-displaced fractures, screws can provide clinical results equal to higher cost options.

It is designed to reduce soft tissue irritation compared to standard screw heads.

The Self-Tapping screw bit is designed to facilitate the insertion of the screw and may eliminate the need for tapping in some cases.

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