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TrueStar Compression Screw

TrueStar Compression Screw set; Includes different size options to suit a wide variety of applications such as mini, micro and standard.

Thanks to the design with variable thread spacing from the tip of the screw to the head, it is ensured that the broken bone fragments approach each other more quickly. In this way, compression occurs gradually and facilitates the control of the physician. TrueStar Compression Screws provide greater compression than partial thread Herbert style screw designs.

The full thread of the screw increases the holding strength to the bone along the fracture and osteotomy line. In this way, it provides the advantage of carrying load during recovery.

The headless design of the screw allows it to be implanted under the bone surface with minimal impact to and around the joint areas.

Thanks to the cutting structure at the distal end of the screw, the screw has become easier to insert into the bone with an easier technique.

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