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TRUE LOCK Distal Femur Lateral Anatomic Plate

TRUE LOCK Distal Femur Lateral Anatomic Plates are indicated for  fixation of fractions of the distal femur. Like; Distal diaphyseal fracture , intra-articular fracture , Supracondylar periprosthetic fracture.

Distal femur fractures’ rate is 37/100.000 of all fracture types, %4-%6 of all femoral fractures. Due to the age distribution; it increases in two different terms. First term consists of young patient with traffic accident or  falling from  high with high energy trauma with partial fractures, second term consists of  osteoperotic old patients with falling down  with low energy trauma and with commonly spiral oblique and less partial fractures

Anatomical plate; right & left

10 hole options between 3-21

TRUE LOCK Distal Femur Lateral Anatomic Plate are made of Ti6Al4V ELI material (ASTM F136)

Optimized screw position in the condyles to avoid intercondylar notch and patellofemoral joint and maximize bone purchase.
Elongated Combi holes on shaft facilitate plate adjustment and allow locking or compression options.
Kirschner wire holes accept Kirschner wires (up to 2.0 mm) to temporarily fix the plate to the tibia , to temporarily reduce articular fragments, and to confirm the location of the plate, relative to the tibia.
Less invasive surgery with carbon guide.
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